How Convertible Notes Work This term sheet summarizes key terms of a proposed convertible note issuance, for discussion purposes only. It is non-binding and is not self-executing. No party has any obligation with respect to the proposed note issuance unless and until it signs a definitive agreement governing such transaction.

Convertible debt (also known as venture debt or bridge notes) has a date of issuance, an interest rate, and a maturity date. Upon maturity, they can be repaid with cash, just like with any other form of debt. What makes convertible notes unique is that they are typically repaid with equity.

The Offering constitutes the second tranche of the bridge financing previously announced on April 8, 2014. The Offering was made on the following terms and conditions: (i) the Note has a maturity date.

Most bridge notes take the form of convertible debt. That is, VCs expect to be paid back not with dollars, but with conversion to company stock upon maturity. Well-understood loan elements like.

Exhibit 10.1. FORM OF CONVERTIBLE bridge loan agreement. This Convertible Bridge Loan Agreement (this "Agreement") is between [_____] ("Lender") and Bakken Resources, Inc. (the "Company"), a Nevada corporation. WHEREAS, Lender desires to provide a convertible bridge loan (the "Bridge Loan") to the Company to (i) fund the Company’s on-going oil and mining exploration, (ii.

Information about startup documents, including the safe (simple agreement for future equity).

What they might not know is that convertible notes are also used for what’s called a "bridge round". It is just like it sounds, bridging the gap between today and some point in the future. This article describes the use of convertible notes for such a scenario and, more specifically, the differences and nuances versus using them for seed rounds.

As they say, convertible debt is a good “bridge” mechanism but makes an. to last the company 12-18 months, convertible note maturities tend towards 18-24 .

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This Convertible Note shall, henceforth, be referred to as the "Note," and may be referred to in plurality with other such agreements, referred to as "Notes." The word "Holders" shall constitute a plurality of any and all such persons who have similarly advanced funds in exchange for Notes with the Company.

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