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Creflo Dollar full name Creflo Augustus Dollar Jr., is an American televangelist, pastor, Bible teacher, best-selling author, speaker, founder and senior pastor of World changers church international (WCCI) in College Park, Georgia

CREFLO DOLLAR : BIBLICAL HEALING SCRIPTURES 3/8/17 Creflo Dollar prays for the needy, clothes the destitute & "heals the sick" ? Really ? Creflo Dollar is a Good Samaritan ? The Good Samaritan who wants a $65 million Gulfstream jet for his personal use ? Who will buy all that ? Only dumb idiots with a 10% brain ! Creflo Dollar & Benny Hinn are both scamming cunts with ideas only for their own ends.

Creflo dollar. creflo augustus dollar, Jr. was born in College Park, Georgia on January 28, 1962. Though he was raised in a church-going home, he did not have a conversion experience until the summer following his freshmen year at West Georgia College.

Creflo Dollar is an American pastor and televangelist (using TV and media to communicate the meaning of Christianity) and also the founder of World Changers Church International, a non-denominational church located in a suburb of Atlanta – College Park, Georgia.

Just look at the small gestures, like her Twitter bio or the way she is announced as she goes on stage: Taffi is Creflo.

Creflo Dollar is a fake. If he was so genuinely concerned about doing good and Godly deeds, he would be raising $65 million to truly make a difference in the lives of so many. Instead, he’ll be enjoying a better than first-class experience as he jets around the world in style laughing at the farce he created.

Pastor Creflo Dollar – Stop stressing out over how it’s all going to work out – Duration: 1:09:26. creflo dollar online 28,614 views. 1:09:26.

Dollar is a native of College Park and says he received a vision for world changers ministries christian center in 1986. He held the first service, in front of only eight people, in the cafeteria.

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Creflo Dollar’s ministry says he will get his million jet news. The False Teachers: Creflo Dollar – Tim Challies – Creflo Dollar. In less than ten years the church had grown exponentially and Dollar’s sermons were being broadcast over the radio through Creflo Dollar Ministries.