80-10-10 Mortgage Loans requires a first mortgage of 80% LTV, second mortgage or HELOC of 10%, and 10% down paymentf on conventional.

Low down payment loans without mortgage insurance – what the industry refers to as an 80-10-10 (an 80% 1st mortgage, 10% 2nd mortgage & a 10% borrower.

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Low fixed & adjustable mortgage loan rates, down payment options, and financing. 80% first mortgage, 10% second mortgage, 10% down payment; No PMI.

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An 80 10 10 loan is a mortgage option in which a home buyer receives a first and second mortgage simultaneously, covering 90% of the home’s purchase price. The 80/10/10 mortgage is widely-available and buyers are using it to avoid PMI; and, to buy homes more cheaply.

An 80-10-10 loan takes advantage of a loophole in the mortgage lending rules because the primary mortgage is for 80% (or less) of the home’s price. The combination of the borrower’s 10% down payment and the second mortgage for the other 10% allows the borrower to avoid mortgage insurance.

Taking out two mortgages on the same house simultaneously may. That's typically called an 80-10-10 loan, meaning 80 percent is for the first.

An 80-10-10 loan is essentially two mortgages combined into one package to help borrowers save money and avoid paying private mortgage insurance, or PMI. The first loan is a traditional mortgage and covers 80% of the cost of the home.

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An 80-10-10 Piggyback Second Mortgage allows customers to make home ownership a reality with as little as 10% down. The 80 10 10 Piggyback Second.